Welcome to EcoElements, a UK based consultancy offering a specialist portfolio of services to tourism operators in our focus area of operation, the Victoria Falls, and the wider Zambezi river basin. Feel free to browse!

We're Green, are you?
We use reduce, recycle and reuse as much as we can in running our business. We also use green products and services wherever we can, and pledge to monitor, reduce and offset the environmental impacts of our work. We can help you achieve the same by offering green services to you, and by helping you green your business directly through our ecoaudit service.

Green Hosting
All our third party domain registration and webhosting services are offered through green service providers who pledge to support renewalable energy sources.

EcoElements Online Media Services

EcoElements specialise in providing a full portfolio of online media services to the tourism providers and related service industries and ‘good causes’ in our special area of focus – the Victoria Falls and surrounding region.

We aim to deliver high quality and cost effective online support services and freelance solutions to companies looking to grow their online presence, including consultancy services in staff training and capacity development.

We offer a full online ‘one-stop service’ from Domain Registration & Renewal, Web Hosting & Support, Website Design & Development, Website Content Management & Development to Website Promotion through blogs and social media such as Facebook. We also develop and manage eNewsletters for clients – covering all your online needs.

We are set up to assist in developing online solutions for clients in areas of poor internet connectivity, or with limited in-house resources, across our specialist area of focus, the Victoria Falls and Zambezi basin (Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe).

We offer basic, simple and straight forward online consultancy and freelance services at a competitive prices, and specialise in HTML coding and tuning sites to perform well in search engine results, a process known as 'Search Engine Optimisation' or SEO.

Our specialist consultancy services include a review of your existing online presence (website, blog, social media) and it's potential for development, specific review of your website's online performance (SEO analysis) and development recommendations, and training and support in website/blog management and social media.

We aim to work with you on an ongoing basis to develop and evolve your online presence, or can supply one-off or occasional services depending on your needs.

Contact us by email for further details on any our our services.


Domain Registration & Renewal

We offer a domain registration and annual renewal service for clients, provided through a specially selected 'green' domain registrar service. We can also advise you in choosing the best domain name for you business, utilising keywords which will help emphasise the SEO ('Search Engine Optimisation') of your final website. We can also manage the transfer of domains from your current service suppliers so as to simplify your paperwork and annual renewal processes. See here for more information.

Web Hosting & Support

We also offer competative web hosting services for your website. We pledge to minimise your annual web hosting costs whilst giving your site the service it requires - with no extra charges for email setup or bandwidth use. We can also manage the transfer of your site from your old hosting company so as to simplify your annual renewal processes. See here for more information.

Website Design & Development

Need to develop a new website? Looking for something simple and effectove, yet without breaking your budget? Then let us help you achieve the results you need. We specialise in developing sites using the 'raw' HTML programming code which makes the internet tick, and as a result create sites specifically designed to perform well in search engine results, a process known as 'Search Engine Optimisation' or SEO. We develop websites from scratch using themes, styles or templates selected by you. See here for more information.

Need to update and evolve the look and style of an exisiting website? Is your site handicapped by old fashioned coding which limits its performance in search engine results? Then let us help you redesign and revamp your site's style and structure.

Website Content Management

Let us manage the updating of content to your website simply and effectively with our annual content management plans. Developing core content for websites and blogs is a specialist job, especially if you are looking towards SEO to bring rewards to your site. Let our copy writing and editing skills, together with our specialist knowledge of HTML and SEO, develop the best results for you online. We can help you develop new original content or re-edit or expand existing content for maximum benefit. See here for more information.

Social Media Promotion

We can help you promote your website through the development and management of online social media, such as Facebook, twitter and others. Depending on the level of promotion required, we can develop the links to your site online, through other associated sites, such as online directory listings and databases. See here for more information.