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We're Green, are you?
We use reduce, recycle and reuse as much as we can in running our business. We also use green products and services wherever we can, and pledge to monitor, reduce and offset the environmental impacts of our work. We can help you achieve the same by offering green services to you, and by helping you green your business directly through our ecoaudit service.

Green Hosting
All our third party domain registration and webhosting services are offered through green service providers who pledge to support renewalable energy sources.

Writing Services

Zambezi Traveller

Individually researched news and general interest wildlife and conservation articles written for the Zambezi Traveller, a quarterly tourism newspaper published across the Zambezi region.

Seasonal jewels (8 December 2013)

A tall story – how the giraffe got its neck (8 December 2013)

We’re watching you! (8 December 2013)

Changing nature (29 September 2013)

Conservation in fashion (28 September 2013)

In aid of the elephants (Part 1) (27 September 2013)

In aid of elephants (Part 2) (27 September 2013)

Vulture Restaurants Attract International Clientele (18 July 2013)

The secrets of Hwange’s zebra (25 March 2013)

Wetlands and RAMSAR (21 March 2013)

Hell and high water (21 March 2013)

A confusion of stripes (21 March 2013)

On the Old Hunters’ Road (21 March 2013)

Batoka Gorge Dam: to be or not to be? (18 March 2013)

Elephant rescued out of a muddy grave (10 December 2012)

Livingstone’s Lechwe (10 December 2012)

Botswana to end sport hunting (10 December 2012)

The sound of summer in the bushveld (10 December 2012)

The special life of cicadas (10 December 2012)

Mining in Park thrown out (10 December 2012)

New boots please! (10 December 2012)

Zambezi Traveller Social Media Development (7 November 2012)

David Lemon - A man on a mission (20 September 2012)

Hornbill - Unite to save iconic bird species (19 June 2012)

Batoka dam one step closer (15 June 2012)

A myna problem? (14 June 2012)

Wanted! Have you seen this bird? (14 June 2012)

The Southern Ground Hornbill (14 June 2012)

Counting Hornbills (14 June 2012)

Lion Captured Near Livingstone (20 March 2012)

The Amazing Zambezi Traveller (20 March 2012)

Batoka Power Scheme Revisited (15 March 2012)

Hwange Lion Found In Livingstone (8 February 2012)