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We're Green, are you?
We use reduce, recycle and reuse as much as we can in running our business. We also use green products and services wherever we can, and pledge to monitor, reduce and offset the environmental impacts of our work. We can help you achieve the same by offering green services to you, and by helping you green your business directly through our ecoaudit service.

Green Hosting
All our third party domain registration and webhosting services are offered through green service providers who pledge to support renewalable energy sources.

Environmental Policy

EcoElements is committed to the promotion of environmentally sound practice, preserving natural resources and preventing environmental pollution in all its dealings. Here's a model environmental policy to get you started thinking about greening your business.

Objective and Commitment

EcoElements aims to support and promote the concept of sustainable development in all its work. Our commitment extends to all our activities, minimising energy and resource usage and ensuring the principles of sustainability are supported throughout all operations.

We will therefore:

  • Minimise and where reasonably practicable eliminate any adverse impact on the environment arising from the activities of business
  • Minimise the use of energy, resources consumed and waste produced, whilst maintaining a professional and safe working environment
  • Support the reuse and recycling of materials, emphasised by the development of our recycled product options
  • Ensure the legal disposal of all wastes arising from the activities of our business.
  • Comply with, and wherever possible exceed the environmental requirements of appropriate legislative bodies and our customers
  • Minimise the use of non-renewable resources, hazardous chemicals and other pollutants, in favour of using eco-friendly product and material alternatives.
  • Ensure all staff are provided with appropriate and adequate information and training and are competent in all environmental matters
  • Inform and train our staff to understand and fulfil their environmental responsibilities to our company.
  • Establish and measure our environmental performance against objectives, which will identify significant environmental aspects and impacts from current and past activities. Ensuring mistakes are rectified and appropriate changes made.
  • Continually improve our environmental performance


The four objectives for sustainable development, recognised by the UK Government are:

  • Social progress and equality
  • Environmental protection
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Stable economic growth

It is, therefore, our moral responsibility to ensure all our activities prevent damage to the environment. We seek to sustain and enhance the environment and encourage our customers, colleagues and suppliers to adopt a similar stance.

An environmental management system has been developed to ensure the potential impact of all our activities are identified, assessed and satisfactorily mitigated.