Welcome to EcoElements, a UK based consultancy offering a specialist portfolio of services to tourism operators in our focus area of operation, the Victoria Falls, and the wider Zambezi river basin. Feel free to browse!

We're Green, are you?
We use reduce, recycle and reuse as much as we can in running our business. We also use green products and services wherever we can, and pledge to monitor, reduce and offset the environmental impacts of our work. We can help you achieve the same by offering green services to you, and by helping you green your business directly through our ecoaudit service.

Green Hosting
All our third party domain registration and webhosting services are offered through green service providers who pledge to support renewalable energy sources.

So What is Green Tourism?

'Green Tourism' is our way of saying 'environmentally friendly'. Within the tourism sector, buzzwords like 'eco-tourism' and 'sustainable tourism' are concepts which are used to indicate that a business takes its environmental, and community, responsibilities seriously. However they are also terms with varied definitions which have been open to abuse and miss-interpretation.

Our aim is to help you 'green' your business operations and products, giving you a competative advantage within an area of growing customer concern. Going green can be a confusing and time consuming process. We believe that, as specialists within our field, we can offer your company a unique professional service, recommending practical options to reduce the 'environmental impact' of your operations. We can work with you to green your products and services, highlighting best practice and new innovations within a rapidly growing sector, and help you get recognised for your efforts.

Greening your business is all about being efficient and effective in your everyday operations. It's not just about recycled paper and renewable energy, but also about reducing your use of resources, limiting waste and minimising use, and costs, at the same time. Essential elements to help your business survive and grow.

Our eco-audit looks not only at positive actions you can take to become greener, but we also review your administrative and operational systems and procedures, looking at your use of resources at every level, identifying savings and making your company not only more competitive but also more efficient and economical.


We offer our environmental consultancy and advice service to local companies in our areas of operation looking to reduce their environmental impact and improve their eco-credentials. We help you reduce and compensate your environmental or eco-footprint through our EcoAudit and ecotourism advice services. Our main focus is working with tourism service providers in Victoria Falls and surrounding regions (Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe), but our services are also applicable to other companies or operations who wish to 'go green'.

Our aim is to encourage sound environmental business management and operational procedures, best practice eco-tourism and the development and delivery of quality tourism experiences to clients. Our EcoAudit is the first step in progressing to independent eco-tourism accreditation or certification. Let us measure and calculate the environmental impacts of your business, and make recommendations on how to reduce and compensate for these impacts and targets for future development.